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Data Security Made Simple.

Monitor all of your data on one platform and secure it with one click! Actifile Data Security Platform secures sensitive data from external threats and insiders using unique autonomous encryption, focusing on what is most important to you: data risk.

A New Era of Data Security

Actifile is transforming how organizations manage data security. Our simple to use next generation software is democratizing data security. We are empowering every IT manager who previously depended on data security experts, with a comprehensive, cloud-based solution 

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A Break from Tradition

"Traditionally, data security has been delivered by disparate products, which has resulted in operational inefficiencies and an inability to support, for example, data risk assessments..."


Hype Cycle for Data Security, 2022

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Data Risk Discovery

Risk Quantification

Monitoring and Auditing

Remediation by Encryption

Based on predefined privacy regulations and PII definitions, Actifile immediately scans for sensitive data using smart patterns. 

Actifile then quantifies data risk per PII type in local currencies (. i.e., US dollars). 

Track and audit data risk in real-time by continually monitoring incoming and outgoing sensitive data flows.

Automatically secure sensitive data across all endpoints, cloud apps, 3rd party portals, and shadow IT.

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Protect unlimited endpoints and systems, and use the cloud safely and securely

Our proprietary software gives every organization the tools to rapidly locate and secure sensitive data. Actifile audits all your systems and remote devices, creating real time data maps. It then calculates potential financial penalties and liabilities in US dollars. You can instantly remediate vulnerabilities with a unique one-click encryption process. Actifile is user-friendly, intuitive, and delivers comprehensive, proactive defense. 

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Connecting Dots

Seamless Encryption and Decryption

Actifile protects your company against all known threats without disrupting workflows or imposing restrictive and inconvenient security protocols on your staff. 

Protection from Theft

Invisible data encryption makes stolen data completely worthless to any third party. 

Proceed with Confidence 

Once you have multi-level protection and real-time control over all sensitive data, you’re free to focus on building your business and achieving your true market potential!

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How Actifile Safeguards Your Business

Actifile patrols your systems like an invisible watchdog. The software never sleeps - which means that you can!  Unlike traditional firewall or antivirus software, Actifle delivers multi-level data leakage prevention. It also guards against employee negligence or deliberate malfeasance. Your sensitive client data, R&D, future projects and financial information is safe from malicious actors.


In the unlikely event that a data security breach occurs and sensitive client data is compromised, Actifile data encryption means that you will avoid crippling penalties from regulators, expensive lawsuits, client cancellation, and viral negative publicity. 

Actifile is ideal for companies and organizations that require regulatory compliance



NIST 800-53


Actifile Partners and MSPs

Actifile is quickly becoming the data protection software of choice for MSPs. There are direct client cost benefits for service providers who switch to Actifle. The software also allows MSPs to streamline their own operations, focus on growth and client acquisition, and make the transition to MSSP. 

                                       Read more about Actifle for MSPs

Businesses that use Actifile can become Actifile Partners, gaining valuable exposure and building client trust. We’ll help market your business alongside ours as a local partner. A strategic partnership with Actifile can bring new high-value clients, contracts, and revenues.

Testimonial Video

Testimonial Video

Benefits of Actifile

Work with Business Friendly Software


The Actifile Team has diverse business backgrounds. We understand the issues facing companies of all sizes. We designed Actifile software to be business friendly, easy to use, and non-intrusive. 

Enjoy Automatic Protection 24/7


Actifile’s real time mapping and automated defenses deliver round the clock protection. We continually update Actifile software to preempt the changing realities of modern cyber threats. 

Transition Safely to Cloud Systems


Actifile data mapping and data encryption allows a safe and smooth transition to the cloud. Actifile also facilitates safe working from remote locations, with multiple devices, and data sharing. 

Become Compliant 


Actifile can help you meet  compliance requirements for all types of privacy regulations.

Actifile User Testimonials

Actifile is capturing the imagination of business owners and CEOs across the world. CEOs love to be in the driving seat when it comes to data protection and data encryption. Smart business leaders understand the value of accessible and reliable tools for data leakage prevention. Actifile delivers automated defense against cyber threats, provides peace of mind, and gives CEOs the security to focus on building their businesses!


Steve Rutkovitz

"Actifile is a game-changer in the way it detects and protects private data. It helps my customers comply with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, NIST 800-53 and others.”