Detect Threats

Automatically detect any file-related activity that is potentially harmful or deviates from your policies. Instantly prevent threats such as unauthorized data sharing or ransomware attacks.

Prevent Data Leak

Prevent data leakage and file hacking resulting from malicious acts or human error. Receive immediate alerts and automatically block sharing, sending or downloading these files.

Backup Sensitive Data

Never lose critical data again. Keep your data 100% safe in the cloud, and easily restore it at any point in time.

Actifile, The Only Solution that Seamlessly Protects All of Your Files.

Actifile in Action

Fully Automated

"Hassle-free installation that takes seconds

24/7 Protection

Anytime, anywhere

Highly Secured

State-of-the-art encryption


Pay just a few dollars per device, per month, and cancel any time


Add or remove devices seamlessly

Centralized Dashboard

Manage everything from one dashboard


Backup, monitoring, leakage prevention and ransomware protection in one place


Pre - configured and ready to go

Low Footprint

Background agent with no impact on station performance

Identify and Eliminate
Insider Threats

Insiders are responsible for 90% of security incidents, whether caused by malicious users or by well-intentioned employees who made an unfortunate mistake. Actifile captures every action on all files, alerts the right people immediately, and blocks file access as needed.

Instant Recovery From
Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are a serious threat to every business, and paying up doesn't guarantee your sensitive data will be recovered. Actifile senses abnormal file activities and stops them, while providing continuous backup and recovery for all of your files.

Backup and Track Your
Sensitive Files

Sensitive files are spread across endpoints, servers and cloud applications. Actifile leverages the cloud to deliver secure and smart backup, and maps your sensitive content and its location. With Actifile, files can be restored at any given point in time.