Automatic Risk Discovery
& Data Encryption

Having sensitive files scattered all over your endpoints and on ‘shadow IT’ applications is an accident waiting to happen.
Actifile automatically discovers sensitive data files and eliminates the risk by transparently encrypting them.

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Automatically Secure Your Data with an “Airbag-Like” System

Having sensitive files such as PII, PHI, or PCI on systems, endpoints, and ‘shadow IT’ applications is an accident waiting to happen.

Data-related events like breaches, ransomware, careless employee, insider threat or improper Shadow IT usage are just a matter of time until they will land at your doorstep.


In the moment of truth, all common intrusion prevention layers will no longer be relevant since the data files are already taken by unauthorized actors.

With its unique technology, Actifile will automatically supply ’Airbag-Like’ protection to your files and eliminate the risk of unauthorized access or regulatory compliance violation.

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Actifile is Trusted by MSPs Globally:


Why do we call it “Airbag-Like”?

Like an airbag, Actifile reduces the impact of unexpected data-related incidents like a data breach, ransomware, or shadow IT usage.

Unlike any other cybersecurity solution, Actifile is not another piece of the intrusion detection or the leakage prevention puzzle.

It resides transparently in your system and acts automatically before, during, and after data-related incidents, reducing the impact by over 98%.


Actifile protects data much like the airbag in your car protects you.

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Are You Next?

Another day another cyberattack

220 Days

Time that containing a data breach takes


Of small & mid organizations pay hackers the ransom

11 Sec

Frequency of Ransomware attacks a company

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Actifile Automatically Reduces
Data-Related Event Impact By 98%

The platform will automatically discover data-related risks in your files over time.
Once discovered, encryption remediates these data security risks.

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How It Works 

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Automatic Deployment

Actifile's client deploys automatically and seamlessly in your organization endpoints. 

Sensitive File Discovery

Gain visibility into risks that may expose sensitive data

Review your organization to uncover where all of your sensitive data is hiding, whether at rest or in use.

  • Does my organization have a sensitive data problem?

  • How much and what type of sensitive data do we store?

  • Actifile inspects your devices for data and delivers the answers within hours.

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Ongoing Monitoring

Track risk development and remediation over time

Discovering data and determining its risk is not a one-time event.
It’s an ongoing process crucial to protecting your organization and quickly making course corrections.


  • Is your data privacy risk growing?

  • How is your sensitive data being used?

  • Actifile automatically monitors and alerts as risks evolve.

  • Monitors the use of data and third-party applications against your data privacy policies.

Remediation by Encryption 

Protect data through encryption

Reduce organizational risk by making it harder for bad actors to get at your data.
File-level encryption protects data even from malware that commonly exfiltrates files as part of its attack chain. 

Finding the time to clean up unwanted and unused data is challenging. Using encryption, you can protect this data as well as protect data needed for regulatory and compliance needs.

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Become a Partner:

Optimized and built with MSPs in mind

Most Customers expect their MSPs to mitigate all IT risks associated with data privacy regulations, including private data-related liabilities.  

Actifile provides a simple and comprehensive solution for MSPs: 

  • Simple and easy to use 

  • Multi-tier platform & provisioning 

  • Easy deployment with any RMM

  • Full visibility to monitor posture using MSP portal

  • Single pane of glass dashboard

  • Preconfigured templates for effortless compliance 

  • Gain visibility into hidden sensitive data risks

  • File-level encryption transparent to the End Customer


Steve Rutkovitz

"Actifile is a game-changer in the way it detects and protects private data. It helps my customers comply with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, NIST 800-53 and others.”

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