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    Protect and Control
    Digital Information
    Intelligent endpoint backup and discovery
    information visibility and control.
  • The Actifile Advantage
    For companies who want to protect and organize digital files created for business projects,
    Actifile automatically backs up all locally created business files and provides a single,
    centralized location for easy access and increased transparency.
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  • Real-time Visibility
    We give you instant access to view and edit
    any documents across your network in real-time.
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Data Oriented Backup

How is data oriented endpoint backup different than traditional backup? Traditional tools backup data on hard drive or folder levels. Most of the tools charge their customers for storage and are built to backup as many files as they can, including system files. While this type of method can be effective for backing up servers and whole hard drives, it is an ineffective way to backup business data on employees’ computers.

Increase Efficiency by 30%

Using Actifile, your company will be able to increase its efficiency and transparency. Employees and managers will now be able to find and recover business files, including all previous versions, with just a couple of clicks. Management will also be able to track and investigate any employee’s activities in real time, all thanks to Actifile’s patented filtering system and data discovery service.

24/7 Access and Monitoring

See your documents appear as a 24 hour, continuous news feed. Use our patented search query to locate any information you need within seconds. Actifile allows your company to quickly investigate a data breach and seal off any legal holes, allowing your organization to easily track when and where the breach occurred within minutes.

Actifile – The Most Complete Endpoint Protection Solution on the Market

Actifile allows your company to quickly investigate a data breach and seal off any legal holes. This allows for your organization to easily track when and where the breach occurred within minutes. Additionally, this feature will help your company stay in compliance with PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and SOC security standards.

Actifile encrypts your data for maximum protection by using 256-bit AES encryption. Also known as AES-256, this encryption is one of the strongest block ciphers in the world. Additionally, the Actifile network channel is also encrypted by SSL protocol, which uses the same level of AES-256 encryption.

Our customers span across multiple industries and use Actifile to protect their most valuable digital assets.Some of these include: Technology, Life Science, Manufacturing, Energy, Professional Services, Finance and Banking, Education, Retail and Non-Profits.

Actifile is easy to use and customizable to your organization’s goals.Our enterprise-grade software automatically collects all documents and uploads them into our secured, cloud server. We make your documents available through a live feed and offer 24/7 monitoring.

Data Loss

In many companies, employees spend up to 30% of the workday searching for information, and 15% of all documents are misplaced. We help your company save time and keep track of valuable data.

Information Leakage

Many companies have been devastated by employees leaking confidential information including financial reports, clients lists, and even trade secrets. We give you the power to put a stop to information leakage.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Pertaining to sensitive information like financial data, intellectual property, employee records, and customer data, it is critical for many companies to meet compliance standards.