Actifile Data Protection Overview

1. Discover Sensitive Data
Actifile automatically detects any sensitive files that is potentially harmful or deviates from your policies, across your network. Actifile classification engine discovers sensitive files according to pre - built rules, or the ones you customize.

2. Monitor Data
Actifile actively keeps track of your sensitive files, monitoring any action such as ‘send via email’ or ‘print,’ keeps a log of the actions, and alerts you when any potentially harmful deviation occurs.

3. Prevent Leaks
Actifile automatically prevents data leakage and file hacking, whether resulting from a malicious act or human error. In such cases, the system will automatically block the ability to share, send or download the files and you will be notified immediately.

Common Use Cases

1. Monitor and Protect Specific Files or Folder: Chances are that your organization has sensitive data in certain locations such an HR folder or an Excel file that belongs to the finance department. Setting up permissions isn’t enough, as an authorized user can accidently share information from this sensitive folder or file. With Actifile, not only can you monitor folder activity, but you can also prevent certain actions such as send via mail.

2. Protect Business Applications Sensitive and Confidential Data: Much of your organization’s sensitive data is created by an authorized user in a business application like ERP or CRM. Typical use cases for potential risk include lists of customer accounts and credit card details generated from your ERP or lists of customer contact details taken from your CRM. Actifile immediately classifies and monitors these files as they are being used within the company network, and can prevent unauthorized use or distribution to external locations.

3. Track and Protect Sensitive Content: Actifile classifies files according to their sensitive contents - for example: credit card data, customer names and employee’ salaries. These sensitive files are constantly monitored so you know exactly where they are on both endpoints and servers. Actifile can also help you meet compliance requirements such as GDPR by alerting you on any privacy- related content.

4. Prevent Leakage of Sensitive Data to External Cloud Services: by classifying sensitive files automatically, regardless of how they were created or where they are on the network, any ‘risky’ sharing of these files can be prevented when an attempt is made to move them to cloud services like Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, One drive or Box.

Main Features


Track file operations, such as copy or rename

Identify and track file viewers

Log file attachment operations

View full audit reports of file modifications

Track all file operations by user, group, application, or processes

Visualize the full file path and flow across endpoints

Monitor folder operations on endpoints or servers

Monitor sensitive files being used or sent to cloud applications like Dropbox or Gmail


Analyze all monitored activities to prevent threats

Prevent file operations made on protected folders

Prevent file operations on sensitive classified files, regardless of network location

Prevent file operation for files generated by or exported from selected business applications

Encrypt sensitive data in rest: files stored on endpoints and file servers by classification

Encrypt data on the fly: files in the process of being copied to removable device or attached to emails

Restrict copying files to removable devices based on a rules engine

Automatically transfer files to a protected folder

In the case of device theft or loss, automatically wipe all files from the device

Actifile Solution: Turn protected in minutes!

A dead-simple, Cloud based (no infrastructure needed!) agent that instantly provides organizations of all sizes enterprise grade security solutions:

1. Download the Actifile Agent (2 clicks, less than a minute).

2. Install the agent on the endpoints and servers you want to protect and monitor (3 clicks, less than a minute).

This is it – you are protected!