Actifile Endpoint Backup Overview

Actifile automatically and continuously backs up all your important files and folders, with a back up system that’s easy to install and to use. Our Smart Backup technology keeps your files and folders 100% safe, in the cloud, and ready to be easily restored at any point in time.

Actifile’s Endpoint Backup removes any friction or hassle involved in setting up a backup server or managing storage systems. Our straight forward pricing plans make it easy to start and stop whenever you want and also add more endpoint protection as your organization grows.

Common Use Cases

1. Protect Your Sensitive Data from Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are now a real threat to organizations of every size – and paying doesn’t always guarantee your files will be restored. The only way to ensure that your organization is protected against any ransomware attack is to have a backup plan in place that lets you restore files in seconds. Actifile’s Smart Backup technology enables you to retrieve files and folders reliably and quickly in the case of an attack.

2. Recover From Accidental Data Loss

At one point or another, all of us have accidently deleted an important file or even a folder, or made changes to a critical file that resulted in losing previous versions containing vital information. Actifile’s Smart Backup lets you go back to any old versions of a sensitive file immediately.

3. Recover From a Malicious Insider Act

Actifile classifies files according to their sensitive content, and a result, doesn’t require users to actively back up their endpoints. This capability is especially important when you need to recover from a case of insiders deleting sensitive files from their endpoints.

Main Features

Smart Backup

Continuous, Automatic Backup

Actifile’s backup mechanism automatically triggers a backup operation whenever a file has been changed. That means that as opposed to scheduled backups, you will always have immediate access to the latest version of the file. Furthermore, if a cyberattack occurs in between scheduled backups, you can always revert to the latest version of the files you need.

Selective Backup

Actifile tags files according to their content type (e.g. containing confidential employee or customer information), their application source (e.g. exported from HR, ERP or CRM systems), and by file type (e.g. Word or Excel).

This provides you with a reliable backup solution that prevents you from having to back up any unnecessary, non-sensitive files, and saves your organization money on expensive storage space, as well as network bandwidth. Since every endpoint containing sensitive data is backed up, as long as it has an agent, you don’t need to worry about and can sleep better at night.

Leverage Automatic File Tags and Versioning for Quick Retrieval

Actifile saves up to 20 historical versions of your backup files and folders. Not only can you restore a file or folder, but you can also go back to a previous version in case your file was overwritten.

Easy Administration

Installs in Minutes

Actifile’s agent can be installed on endpoints in no time, and runs smoothly with no overhead on the backed up computer. The agent can be installed on any standard organizational software distribution tool. Each agent can be configured remotely to stay working in the background, without requiring any effort from the end user.

Remote Client Configuration

Endpoint Backup agents all report to a central dashboard, in which you can review the backup status of each agent backup status and configure its properties, without the need to open up an RDP session or physically approach the computer

Audit Trail

All backup activities across endpoints are tracked and kept for traceability purposes. This means that you can use the log in the case of an audit, or when trying to understand certain endpoint activity.

Central Management Across Devices

Defining sensitivity tags will help you back up the right content from a central location for all devices. In addition, Actifile offers reports and alerts so you can monitor backup processes that haven’t been completed or track the amount of sensitive data that each endpoint.

All Files are Encrypted

Actifile’s Endpoint Backup protects your files as they reside on the cloud backup folder, or in transition to the cloud. Actifile uses a strong, industry-leading encryption method that secures data on storage nodes with 256-bit AES encryption and safeguards it from being exposed.

Support and Updates


Our trained support engineers are happy to assist you with any Endpoint Backup issues. If you have any questions, please to contact us.

Automatic Updates with New Actifile Features

We are constantly working on improving our Endpoint Backup capabilities. As a customer of ours, these updates will be made automatically without causing any disruption to your business.

Actifile Solution: Protect Critical Files in Just 2 Minutes!

A simple, cloud based (no infrastructure required!) agent that instantly provides organizations with an enterprise grade security solution:

1. Download the Actifile Agent (2 clicks, less than a minute)

2. Install the agent on the endpoints and servers you want to protect and monitor (3 clicks, less than a minute).

This is it – you are backed-up!