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Automatic Risk Discovery &
Data Encryption

Actifile’s intuitive and user-friendly solution is transforming how IT managers identify and secure sensitive data.

Founded in 2017 by IT veterans who observed the growing data risk among SMBs, mainly due to data that resides and moves everywhere as part of the organization’s standard business processes.

Our Patent-pending technology was designed to assist lean security teams at any expertise level offer data privacy solutions to organizations of all sizes.

HQ in Israel and sales operation in North America and APAC.

Actifile’s intuitive and user-friendly solution is transforming how IT managers identify and secure sensitive data.

Our Story

Actifile’s founders understand that companies and service providers of all sizes are uniquely vulnerable to data leakage and face devastating financial consequences when sensitive data is compromised. From our CTO and co-founder Assaf Lital’s pioneering of groundbreaking DLP products to our CEO and co-founder Guy Bavly’s nearly ten years leading product development for SAP, we are uniquely poised to offer the most innovative and complete data security solutions on the market. 


Existing data security solutions are complicated, frequently unwieldy, and seldom provide genuine multi-level protection. They come with a high TCO and are rarely user-friendly for the average employee.


Actifile is transforming the data security landscape for companies everywhere with a simple, flexible, and comprehensive data security solution. Our software works automatically to identify and safeguard sensitive data, protecting companies against all known threats and puts you firmly in control of who can access your data and when.

Our Mission

Actifile is democratizing data security and giving every company and organization the tools to locate and secure sensitive data. We believe that data security lies at the heart of free enterprise and effective public services. Our mission is to provide a rock solid foundation of cyber security that allows organizations to grow and achieve their fullest potential.


We're also committed to a continual process of research and development. We aim to anticipate emerging cyber threats and counter them with pre-emptive defenses. 


Actifile will keep your data safe, no matter what the threat!

What We Believe

“Actifile believes that comprehensive and affordable data security solutions, including data loss prevention and data encryption, should be a basic right for all business owners.“


Everybody should be free to build their dreams into reality.. Every business deserves protection against cybercrime, and you deserve the chance to build a prosperous future without fear of cyber attacks, ransomware, and industrial espionage.

Actifile is committed to applying our know-how to continue to create groundbreaking technologies to democratize, simplify and transform data security for businesses of all sizes, and across every industry. Put simply: We believe in keeping the bad guys out of your business!


The Actifile Team

The Actifile team shares a passion for technical innovation and problem-solving. We’re drawing on decades of proven experience to establish Actifile as the software that redefines data security.


When you have a team that thrives on unconventional thinking and has practical experience in fields as diverse as military scientific research, enterprise software, VC management, high-tech startups, MSPs, MSSPs, cloud, and cybersecurity, anything is possible!

Meet The Innovators

Our Clients

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