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Actifile is making CMMC affordable for Businesses

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance is the gateway to lucrative Department of Defense contracts. Companies that demonstrate CMMC compliance can profit as contractors or subcontractors across the massive Defense Industrial Base supply chain. There are 5 levels of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and the majority of contracts require CMMC Level 3 compliance as a starting point. 

CMMC was introduced to enforce uniform - and verifiable - standards of cybersecurity across the entire DIB sector. The CMMC compliance framework is also designed to cut red tape and create a level playing field for defense contract bidders, but companies currently have to meet a substantial checklist of separate requirements to achieve Level 3 certification. 

Meet the Challenges of CMMC Preparation with Actifile

Most current DLP solutions are expensive, overly complicated, and frequently ineffective. They are also outdated and unsuited to the complex process of achieving Level 3 CMMC status. Existing DLP solutions are a potential achilles heel for any company that stores or manages sensitive data.

Groundbreaking Actifile cybersecurity software is a convenient and cost effective launchpad for CMMC preparation. Using Actifile is the first step for many companies and MSPs that have set their sights on profitable DoD contracts.

  • As soon as you rationalize your IT ecosystem with Actifile, you’ll achieve 10% of CMMC requirements by default. 

  • Valuable resources that were previously allocated to maintaining obsolete DLP projects can be redirected to achieving CMMC accreditation. 

  • Actifile users also gain reliable 24/7 protection for their sensitive data via automated invisible encryption.

5 Key Ways Actifile Helps You Gain CMMC Certification

Game-changing Actifile software revolutionizes how IT managers implement cyber security. Actifile is entirely business-friendly and operates invisibly in the background. There is no disruption to your employees or to their work processes. The software kickstarts the process of CMMC preparation and meeting Level 3 CMMC requirements.

  1. Identify, map and manage CUI, FCI, and FOUO data

  2. Provide 24/7 DLP controls across your entire IT ecosystem

  3. Restrict the transfer (or encrypt) CUI data on portable media

  4. Guard CUI data from malware and ransomware

  5. Protect data with in-built FIPS1-42 encryption

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Protect Your Sensitive Data With Actifile Today

If your goal is to secure lucrative DoD contracts, or you are uncertain about the status (and whereabouts) of your sensitive data, a free Actifile audit will map your current vulnerabilities in just 48 hours. It also provides a US dollar projection of the likely financial penalties and liabilities that will follow any data breach. One-click data encryption allows immediate and flexible remediation.

Actifile simplifies and streamlines how companies and MSPs manage sensitive data. The software delivers clear, easy to read reports and requires no specialist training or skill sets to master. 

  1. A rapid audit scans your entire IT ecosystem, including remote devices, users and cloud. Sensitive data is located and mapped. 

  2. Actifile generates a clear report showing all potential financial penalties and liabilities (in US dollars) for data breaches. You have all the information to conduct a full risk assessment. 

  3. The Actifile software allows flexible one-click remediation of any vulnerabilities. You can immediately encrypt sensitive data across all your systems via one-click transparent encryption. Alternatively, you can balance risk with user requirements and schedule delayed encryption.

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