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From Data Discovery to Encryption with a Click of a Button!

The Actifile data encryption tool allows you to encrypt contents to secure data with a single click of your mouse.

Actifile data encryption software uses next-generation automatic encryption to safeguard sensitive data, including CUI, FUI, and FOUO data. Even if your sensitive information is compromised, our FIPS1-42 validated data encryption solution makes it entirely unreadable by any third-party actor. Your business is fully protected against the disastrous financial consequences that follow data breaches and leaks!

Actifile Data Encryption Software is User-Friendly

Actifile is transforming how IT managers protect sensitive data. Any user can master our data encryption tool in just hours. Actifile can streamline your department and free up your resources. 

  • No training is required and the entire process is fully automated. It covers your entire IT ecosystem and will also encrypt cloud data.

  • The data encryption solution begins with a comprehensive data risk evaluation. Your data is located and mapped and the fiscal penalties for data breaches are calculated in US dollars.


1-click encryption gives a choice of full immediate encryption or delayed encryption. File-level encryption is fully automated. Actifile’s preemptive data encryption delivers a level of protection that simply can’t be matched by any event-driven data encryption solution.

Work Efficiently with Automated In-House Decryption


Actifile’s high-end encryption capability is matched by the ease of decryption. Your staff and authorized subcontractors can access and read data normally with no delays or disruption to their workflow. You have the flexibility to strike the right balance between usability and security, with an ongoing focus on risk awareness. 

  • Actifile encrypted files are automatically decrypted while in use within your company by Actifile. Your employees do not need additional users or logins to access data.

  • Encrypted files can be automatically decrypted by an outgoing channel when attached to a specific application, such as Outlook email. This way they can be shared with externals who do not have Actifile. This action is defined by an administrator and is logged in the audit log for future reference.

  • The option for delayed decryption allows convenient, individually tailored data security protocols.


Risk Remediation by Encryption 


Invisible automatic encryption is the simplest, most flexible, and most effective form of risk remediation. In the event of a data breach, whether it’s hacking, industrial espionage, employee error, or malfeasance, your sensitive data will be worthless to any unauthorized recipient. The unique Actifile data encryption tool provides rock-solid defenses with minimal impact on your daily operations. 


  • Automatic encryption is a fast and convenient 1-click remediation process that secures sensitive data across your entire IT ecosystem. Encryption includes remote devices and allows you to easily encrypt cloud data. Even if data is stolen or misplaced, Actifile’s AES 256 automatic encryption prohibits bad actors from opening or using the file. 


  • Invisible decryption allows employees to automatically use encrypted files with no latency, and without the need for a password. Your employees can work without disruption, but sensitive data remains useless to any hostile actor. 


  • Automatic decryption by channel enables users to automatically decrypt any encrypted file when it’s attached to an application. Actifile easily meets the demands of modern high-tech working environments.


  • Patented delayed encryption gives you the flexibility to balance security with the demands of daily workflows. You can create a pragmatic, tailored approach to the management of sensitive data.


Actifile Makes Old School DLP Projects Obsolete


Next-generation Actifile software is disrupting the cybersecurity industry and rendering old-school DLP projects obsolete. Our proprietary data encryption solution is empowering IT managers and slashing operating costs across IT departments. 


The 5 Key advantages of Actifle for IT managers


  • Simplicity: Actifile is easy to use. It requires no staff training, complex maintenance, or specialist skills.


  • Speed: Actifile delivers comprehensive, system-wide data encryption within just 48 hours of initiation.  


  • Data Risk Focus: Actifile is designed to identify and evaluate potential data risk. Users can make informed decisions. 


  • Preemptive Defense: Automatic encryption (with the ability to encrypt cloud data) eliminates reactive event-driven actions. 


  • Zero Integration: Actifile software runs quietly in the background from the moment of initiation. 

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