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Actifile: Real Time Data Risk Assessments, Calculated in Your Currency

Actifile’s unique data risk assessment process is built to meet predefined privacy regulations and PII definitions. As soon as you initiate the process of data risk assessment, Actifile starts scanning for sensitive data using smart patterns. The automated scanning covers all systems, endpoints, and cloud. It also includes active and dormant sensitive data. 

Having located and mapped sensitive data, Actifile then provides clear cyber risk quantification. Easy-to-read reports display the potential financial penalties and liabilities for data risk per PII type. Fiscal penalties for each data vulnerability assessment are typically calculated in US dollars, but other local currencies are available.


Algorithm Led Data Risk Assessment


Actifile uses a special algorithm to calculate the data risk for all individual PII types (e.g. SSN or PHI). The proprietary algorithm multiplies each PII record by the potential total cost of damage in case the sensitive data s stolen or misplaced. It then aggregates the calculation results across all the files and PII records of the same PII type, across all of the organization


The automated aggregation systematically covers file types, file locations, and different silos, rapidly providing a complete cyber risk quantification. As the Actifile software runs quietly in the background, the data risk quantification is continually updated in real-time. The 24/7 process of continual data vulnerability assessment means that Actifile users and partners can see at a glance exactly where their vulnerabilities lie, and what the potential financial penalties are.

Protect Your Company with Data Security Risk Assessments

Data leakage is arguably the single most widespread threat faced by companies today. Sensitive data - be it client medical details, financial records, research and development, new products and business strategies, or CUI, FCI, and FOUO data - is a priority target for malicious third-party actors. 


Your sensitive data is always worth something to someone. You may be targeted by hackers right now, or hostile third parties may be attempting to suborn your employees. Even basic system failures or thoughtless mistakes by honest employees can have catastrophic consequences for your business. 


Financial penalties for data breaches can be crippling. The average initial cost to companies begins at around $4 million. This is enough to break smaller businesses and data leaks often lead to bankruptcy within one year.  The real tragedy for all these broken businesses - and the people who depend on them - is that data loss is entirely avoidable. A comprehensive data loss risk assessment and a cyber risk quantification could have provided complete protection against data leakage!


Data Security Risk Assessments with Instant Remediation

Actifile’s unique software is completely transforming the concept of data loss risk assessment. Unlike traditional DLP projects, and other less sophisticated cybersecurity solutions, Actifile goes far beyond simply trying to build the first line of cyber defense with firewalls and antiviruses. Rapidly locating, mapping, and providing cyber risk quantification for sensitive data is simply the first part of the Actifile data protection process. 

Actifile software is preemptive and not reactive. It allows flexible remediation of data vulnerabilities via one-click FIPS1-42 validated encryption. Even if your sensitive data is leaked or stolen, it will be completely unreadable - and thus totally worthless - to any unauthorized recipient. Your business is protected at all times and on every level. 

  • Encrypt all or some of your data with a single click

  • Create a tailored security strategy with flexible delayed encryption

  • Continue to work freely with automated ‘in-house’ decryption

  • Add additional layers of protection for specific data with delayed decryption

  • Decrypt data as required across channels and applications


Why Do You Need to Know Your Data risk? 


Your business is unique, and you need the freedom and flexibility to maximize your profits in every situation. When you clearly understand your data risk, you can make informed decisions based on genuine risk awareness. Actifile gives IT managers the tools to create tailored data security policies and practices across a wider organization. 

If you urgently need to remediate all your sensitive data, you can protect it with one-click encryption. Actifile will invisibly encrypt all your active and dormant sensitive data right across your entire IT ecosystem, including all endpoints, remote devices, and cloud.


If you prefer selective encryption for specific data, or delayed encryption, Actifile will automatically implement your commands. The dashboard is simple, logical, and entirely user-friendly. Any IT manager can master the software on the spot, Actifile requires no specialist training or expert support. 

Discovery & Quantification to Encryption in Less Than 48 Hours!

Step 1: Data Risk Discovery and Quantification


Actifile’s data vulnerability assessment is configured to predefined privacy regulations and PII definitions. The software algorithm immediately starts scanning for sensitive data using smart patterns. Actifile then produces clear reports, quantifying data risk per PII type in either US dollars or preferred local currencies.


Step 2: Data Risk Monitoring and Auditing


Actifile works quietly behind the scenes with no disruption to workflows. The software tracks and audits data risk in real time. It constantly monitors incoming and outgoing sensitive data flows across the perimeter-less organization. 


Step 3: Data Risk Remediation by Encryption


Our patented transparent encryption process automatically secures sensitive data. Actifile applies unbreakable FIPS1-42 validated encryption across all endpoints, cloud apps, 3rd party portals, and shadow IT.  You can achieve your desired level of security, from initial deployment and data risk assessment and cyber security quantification to remediation via automatic encryption, in as little as 48 hours.


Why Actifile Beats Old School DLP Methods


Complicated and unwieldy DLP projects used to tie businesses up in a web of rules and restrictive practices.  Outdated DLP solutions effectively strangled companies’ ability to optimize efficiency and manage sensitive data effectively. They also alienated employees and led to bad cybersecurity practices as staff tried to circumvent irksome logins and restrictions.


Actifile software eliminates the need for blanket data encryption and complex arrangements for users and access. Users can delay encryption or encrypt selectively, balancing risk and productivity. Actifile’s comprehensive data security risk assessments and flexible encryption options give you the freedom and agility to manage your workflows, prioritize cyber security and run your business the way that you want to!


If your next goal is to manage all your sensitive data safely and easily and transform your IT operations, we’re here to help. 


Contact us now to schedule a FREE Data Risk Assessment!

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