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Innovative Data Security for Financial Service Providers

Next generation Actifile software is transforming how Financial service providers and financial institutions prevent data loss.

The effective protection of financial data is a massive challenge for any financial services company. Cyber criminals are actively targeting financial institutions with increasingly sophisticated attacks. When you have an obligation to protect clients’ financial details - and your own sensitive data - you can’t rely on outmoded and ineffective DLP solutions for financial data security. 


Actifile is revolutionizing financial services data security practices with groundbreaking software that uses FIPS1-42 validated invisible encryption to ensure financial data security. Actifile constantly monitors and audits all silos, users, endpoints and channels, assessing your data security risk. It then provides flexible automatic deployment with one-click remediation. 


Even if financial service providers suffer data loss, the encrypted data is completely unreadable by any unauthorized recipient. Unbreakable encryption ensures that clients’ precious financial data will be worthless to any hacker or rogue employee. 

Actifile Delivers Non-Stop Financial Services Data Protection


Financial services data protection is a 24 hour mission. Actifile works while you sleep.


Actifile software delivers uninterrupted, round-the-clock protection across your entire IT ecosystem. Automated scanning, risk quantification and instant remediation provide unbeatable multi-level and preemptive financial data security.


Automated protection round the clock.

Actifile is slashing the workload for IT managers who are responsible for financial services data protection. Once initiated, the revolutionary software operates quietly and unobtrusively in the background. If you were previously dependent on an outdated DLP project, or external contractors for financial services data security, Actifile will put you firmly in the driver’s seat. 


Actifile is zero maintenance software that is designed to be both user-friendly and business-friendly. You can run Actifile across all your IT systems with no need for special training or specialist skill sets. Even when you make maximum use of invisible encryption, there will be no disruption or delay to your daily operations or employee workflows


Actifile can reduce your work hours and cut your operating costs, while delivering vastly improved and simplified financial data security. The groundbreaking software delivers genuine autonomy to financial institutions and financial service providers of all sizes and will prevent sensitive data loss across the entire corporate spectrum. 

Identification of

As soon as you initiate Actifile, the software scans every diverse location in your IT ecosystem, including channels and cloud.  Actifile maps both active and dormant data. 

Quantification of

All sensitive data - financial and non-financial data - is listed in a report. The potential fiscal liabilities for any data loss are quantified in the major currency of your choice. 

Protection of Financial Data

Once you have full risk awareness, you can opt for immediate or delayed data encryption for specific files. One-click encryption delivers full protection of financial data.

Actifile can locate, map, quantify and encrypt sensitive data in as little as 48 hours from initiation to completion. The software delivers comprehensive financial services data security with a single click of your mouse!


The Pain: FDIC regulations require we maintain a Privacy Policy Program that, among other things, includes managing privacy risks and ensuring compliance with privacy requirements.

Why Actifile: Our MSSP suggested Actifile during one of our banking Audits as it manages data risk and provides data protection.

The Result: Now we can monitor our risk real-time and have a %99 reduction in risk and we all sleep better.

US Mid Size Bank.

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