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Protect Healthcare Sensitive Data With Unbreakable Data Security

Genuine holistic healthcare extends far beyond the clinical setting. Medical data security is the foundation of patient trust and well-being.

Medical data security is one of the most emotive issues in the field of data security. The entire multi-billion dollar medical industry is built around the concept of doctor patient confidentiality. Patients and service users rightly expect their personal medical records to remain secret. 

Data security and protection in healthcare is a major issue for everybody in the medical sector. The consequences of sensitive medical data breaches can be emotionally devastating to patients. They are financially crippling for medical practitioners, businesses and MSPs operating in the healthcare sector. Effective healthcare data security solutions are vital. 


If you plan to work in the massive - and highly lucrative - healthcare field, you will need to achieve regulatory compliance. Healthcare data protection needs to be at the forefront of your business strategy. Companies bidding for contracts need to demonstrate effective defenses against healthcare data security risks. 


Building and maintaining these cybersecurity defenses used to be an expensive, time-consuming and frustrating process. New healthcare data security technology is transforming how organizations and MSPs implement comprehensive medical data security. Actifle data security software is leading the way in the field of healthcare data protection.

Actifile: Redefining Healthcare Data Security Solutions

Public health depends on maintaining the highest level of trust between patients and their healthcare providers. Regulators don’t hesitate to punish data breaches involving sensitive or confidential medical data with stringent financial penalties. Organizations and MSPs that fail to deliver data security and protection in healthcare can also face devastating civil liabilities if patients seek redress via the courts. 


If your healthcare data security solutions fail, you can be facing initial financial penalties around the $4 million threshold. An estimated 60% of businesses that experience sensitive data leaks will close within one year. When the future of your organization depends on the quality of your healthcare data security technology, you cannot rely on an obsolete DLP project or the questionable expertise of external contractors. 


Actifile data security software is your gateway to the medical and healthcare sectors, and is the first step towards achieving HIPAA and HITRUST compliance. An automated audit rapidly identifies all healthcare data security risks - and all other sensitive data vulnerabilities - across your entire IT ecosystem. 


As soon as the healthcare data security risks are identified, Actifile quantifies the potential risk of data breach in US dollars or other local currencies. Your immediate healthcare data security solutions include one-click invisible encryption and delayed encryption. 

One-Click Healthcare Data Protection

Groundbreaking Actifile software takes you from data discovery to invisible encryption with just one click.












Preemptive Data Security and Protection in Healthcare

Risk awareness allows a flexible, preemptive defense against all cyber threats.

Actifile is transforming the entire concept of healthcare data security technology. The proprietary software is data risk driven and provides unbeatable preemptive defenses against malicious third party actors, as well as system failures, human error and negligence. 


IT managers can immediately identify vulnerabilities and quantify the associated risks. The beauty of Actifle software lies in its flexibility and simplicity. It allows tailored remediation by risk type and size over all data locations and channels. You have instant hands-on access to all sensitive data across your entire IT ecosystem. 


  • Actifile works quietly in the background 24/7, ensuring that you have up to the minute risk awareness. The software is unobtrusive and there is no disruption to your systems or workflows.

  • Actifile’s FIPS1-42 validated encryption comes with flexible automated decryption. You can decide exactly who has access to decrypted data, and when specific files are decrypted. Organizations can opt for automated in-house decryption and delayed decryption across wider channels. 

Initiate Automated Audit

Actifile software identifies and maps active and dormant sensitive data across all silos, users and endpoints, including shadow cloud.

Quantify Risk in US Dollars

Your Actifile report lists each vulnerability. It quantifies the potential financial liabilities for any data breach in US dollars or other local currencies.

Remediate Vulnerabilities

You can immediately apply invisible encryption to sensitive data, or schedule it for delayed encryption. Stolen data becomes unreadable.

Actifile can locate, map, quantify and encrypt sensitive data in as little as 48 hours from initiation to completion. The software delivers comprehensive medical data security with a single click of your mouse!


The Pain: I’d known we needed to be HIPAA compliant for some time now, but dealing with it all at once was overwhelming. We carved off pieces a bit at a time so we can check as many boxes on the Compliance Framework as possible.


Why Actifile: Our MSSP recommended Actifile because it could check off a number of the Compliance boxes for risk analysis, ongoing monitoring, logging of data in use, identifying sensitive data types, and encrypting the data.

The Result: We are winning more contracts now because we can quickly and easily show compliance and that we are diligent in protecting HIPAA data.

US Billing Medical Client.

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