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Actifle's Partners Build a New Service With Our Automatic Risk Discovery & Data Encryption Platform

Actifile's Patent-pending technology was designed to assist IT services teams at any expertise level offer data privacy solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Alongside our comprehensive platform, we offer our partners a structured process and onboarding procedure to succeed in our joint mission to monetize the new data security service.

Actifile is Trusted by MSPs Globally


Actifile is Transforming how MSPs Manage Client Security

We’re revolutionizing data security with our disruptive technology. Actifile software is the first truly automated solution that effectively identifies and protects all of your clients’ sensitive data. 


Streamline Your Operations with Actifile

When you’re responsible for clients’ data security, you can’t take chances. A single data breach can have disastrous consequences. Actifile is a single, comprehensive cyber security solution that is transforming how MSPs protect their clients' sensitive data. 


You can become a true top tier service provider when you make Actifile your primary weapon of defense! Companies that use Actifile can safely allow employees to work remotely across multiple devices. Businesses can also make a safe transition to cloud, with invisibly encrypted data. Even if a hacker breaches your client, the stolen data will be worthless to them!


Actifile works quietly in the background, safeguarding your clients 24-7-365. The software is continually upgraded to defeat new threats and preempt emerging threats. 


Protect your clients, protect your reputation, safeguard everybody’s future!

Why You Need Actifile


Actifile is unique in providing the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive data security. You can sleep a lot easier when you genuinely guarantee your clients full protection against malicious actors, industrial espionage, and employee negligence or sabotage.


Actifile also brings other key advantages to service providers. MSPs that use Actifile can free up resources and focus on building their own businesses. Actifile is the single tool that can enable a rapid transition from MSP to MSSP!


Actifile Increases Profitability


  • Increase your revenues from each client, while reducing overhead and streamlining your processes. 


  • Differentiate your MSP business as a unique entity that delivers high-end capability solutions.


  • Focus on growth and become a MSSP courtesy of Actifile.


You’ll Love the Simplicity of Actifile!


Actifile is built using some of the world’s most sophisticated and innovative technologies. The software is next-generation, but the core principles are simplicity itself: Map, Evaluate, Encrypt!


Map data risks in real time and in full motion. Actifile is uniquely capable of automatically auditing all remote devices and users and identifying vulnerabilities. 

Evaluate potential financial penalties and liabilities in the event of a data breach. Assessments cover all contingencies and are calculated in US dollars. 

Encrypt sensitive data with the click of a button. Flawless invisible encryption allows for uninterrupted workflows, but makes stolen data completely useless to any third party. 


MSPs Around the World are Choosing Actifile!


Actifile is winning the trust of MSPs around the world. Service providers love the simplicity, convenience and reliability of Actifile data protection software. As soon as their existing clients have automated, multi-tier protection, MSPs can focus on acquisition and making the jump to MSSP status.

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