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Data Risk Discovery As an MSP Door Opener

While the Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) market is growing strong at almost 15% annually, it still takes more than a cold call to get your foot in the door with a customer. MSSPs need to get their customer’s attention with something that highlights their challenges and helps them solve them all at once.

Getting over this barrier is crucial for turning that prospect into a customer. This article explores some customer barriers to an MSSP and how the right tool with a practical demonstration can help overcome them.

Blockers to Sales

MSSPs have several challenges getting their foot in the door with a new customer. Customers may be utterly unaware of the value proposition for an MSSP and why they should even consider that option. Overcoming a lack of understanding on the part of the customer requires the MSSP to have a firm grasp of where the information gap lies so that they can tailor their message to fill in the customer’s knowledge gap.

Uninformed Customers

Many customers are unaware that they need a data security solution to meet their needs. They may believe they are doing just fine as it is and that there is no reason to do differently. This type of belief often stems from customers that have either never had a significant security incident or think that they are too small to become a target of an attacker. It is very likely that this variety of customer does not have a security team and feels that their existing IT team and tools are sufficient to manage their security needs.

These customers may not be aware that even if there has never been an incident, there are still security problems that their organization is facing. This type of customer may very well be managing data that fall under compliance regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PCI DSS, or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Just possessing data that falls under any of these regulations could be sufficient to require their compliance, even if they do not know they are subject to it.

Only Understand Hiring

In other cases, a customer might be very aware of an overall need for security in their organization but be unaware that there are options for hiring beyond dedicated security staff. In this current market, where there is a cybersecurity skills shortage, these organizations may be having issues meeting their staffing needs.

Even if they can find staff, there is no guarantee that the organization understands what is needed to meet their needs. Will they be hiring the right skillsets, or will they simply find individuals with security knowledge? Once they are hired, will they be able to determine the right tools to meet their needs, rather than purchasing products and features that sound good but don’t meet their needs?

Opening Doors

As an MSSP, these customers are excellent prospects, but you need to offer something to pique their interest and get your foot in the door. They may not fully understand the challenges they face, so rather than boring them with a slide deck, focus on the show rather than the tell. One of the best ways to do this is with a practical demonstration.

Showing a practical demonstration of what a solution can deliver in their environment is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate the immediate realization of value. An example of this is using a security tool to run data discovery to identify and categorize the different varieties of data on their endpoints and network.

Practical Demonstration

Showing customers a practical demonstration of what the MSSP provides helps grow interest. Demonstrations like this can include using discovery tools to analyze their network for controlled data such as credit card numbers, PII, or financial data. Similar approaches would be scanning for vulnerabilities or open systems on a network.

No matter the type of demonstration, the goal is for the customer to see one of your tools in action in their environment. It will help to highlight that you can quickly implement a solution and start showing value and that it already works for them.

Tools Matter

An excellent practical demonstration cannot be carried out with just any tool. It requires a tool that can rapidly deploy and work without a great deal of configuration. Too much setup or a prolonged configuration period will chase off potential clients. It needs to stand up and move right out of the box.

A good tool also needs to deliver results quickly. If it takes forever to start showing anything practical or requires a run and come back in a week, the customer may lose interest or have forgotten a test was even occurring. A showing in one sitting is most impactful for gaining their interest.

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The Right Tool

Actifile is just the tool for MSSPs that want to get their foot in the door and help customers achieve their data security needs. Actifile is a cloud-based tool that MSSPs can rapidly deploy on a customer’s network to start scanning and analyzing their infrastructure for data. As data is discovered, it is quickly classified and graded for risk to help the customer understand their current risk.

Request a demo to learn more about how Actifile can help your organization get its foot in the door with new customers.

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