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Transform Data Protection with a Preemptive Full Audit

Instantly Audit Back to Any Time, Location, or Event


Actifile is transforming data protection for businesses and organizations across the world. 

An automated preemptive data audit puts IT managers firmly in control of all sensitive data and gives them the tools to conduct immediate audits over their entire IT ecosystem. 

An Actifile data security audit creates an indelible log that maps every data-related event. You can check back to any specific date, time or location and see a clear record of data ingress and egress, as well as the creation of sensitive data. 

Your Actifile data risk audit log is never deleted and is always readily accessible. In the unlikely event of a data breach, you will be able to pinpoint occurrences. If you’re required to comply with a third-party data security audit, you will always be covered. 

Actifile’s groundbreaking data protection software also allows you to create alerts for specific events. Automated alerts can be easily integrated into third-party systems like SOC and SIEM. 


  • Capture and log every data-related event. A preemptive data audit creates an indelible historical record of all data activity. Actifile data security audits are fully automated and ongoing, running quietly in the background, 24/7. 


  • Pinpoint events with total accuracy. In the event of a breach, you can quickly ascertain what happened, when it happened, and which employees, channels, or endpoints were involved.  


  • Create accountability with data risk audits.  A preemptive data audit is the first step to comprehensive data security. When employees know that you can ID every data event, a culture of accountability and personal responsibility emerges.


  • Preserve historical data risk audits. Actifile logs are never deleted and will be available for instant reference at any point in the future. You will always be able to conduct forensic investigations and demonstrate compliance. 

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