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Actifile: Real-Time Data Flow Monitoring 

Real-Time Data Flow Monitoring Delivers Full Data  Visibility  

Data is the lifeblood of any modern business or organization, and sensitive data is a vital asset that has to be completely protected at all times. Unlike traditional assets, data is fluid, meaning it can be copied, replicated, dispersed, and shared. 


A typical business may have sensitive data spread across multiple silos and end users, including remote devices and cloud shares, 3rd party partners and shadow IT. Sensitive or confidential data may also be in the possession of subcontractors, freelancers, or even former employees. 


The change to a cloud-focused, perimeter-less organizational landscape, has rendered sensitive file tracking almost impossible with old-world solutions. No longer we can assume sensitive files will be shared between employees within the confinement of the LAN, and the increased usage of shadow IT apps makes tracking even more difficult


Untracked and unremediated data is directly and immediately vulnerable to hackers, as well as to employee negligence or malfeasance. Businesses that cannot monitor data flow effectively face crippling financial penalties whenever unsecured sensitive data is leaked. Real-time data flow monitoring with flexible and instantaneous remediation is essential for genuine data security. 


Monitor Data Flow 24/7 with Actifile 


Actifile data security software allows precise, real-time data flow monitoring. The unique software works quietly and unobtrusively in the background, constantly scanning and monitoring your entire extended IT ecosystem. By monitoring data flow in real time, Actifile is able to immediately identify sensitive data and assign a security classification to protect it.


The round-the-clock process of auditing and reporting creates an effective 360° preemptive defense against malicious third-party actors. IT managers can check their Actifile dashboard at any time and clearly see the location and status of all sensitive data. Flexible one-click encryption (including delayed encryption) can be instantly applied to all sensitive files. 


  • Actifile  real time data flow monitoring software actively seeks out sensitive data across all silos, systems, endpoints, and cloud. Data flow monitoring tracks sensitive data flow across all ‘in-house’ systems. It also monitors the incoming and outgoing flow of data between your organization and external or third-party communicants. 


  • Actifile allows you to monitor data flow in real time and without restrictions. The software is user-friendly and generates detailed reports that are clear and easy to read. You can access your dashboard at any time and get a precise, up-to-the-minute picture of all your organization’s sensitive data. 


  • Actifile does not require any integrations to the data source or destination. Actifile unique endpoint based technology, monitors any file download or upload to and from any cloud share, SaaS application, or communications apps, such as Salesforce, Slack or


  • Actifile can deliver full, ongoing sensitive data protection in as little as 48 hours:


  1. Actifile initiation with an initial full system scan

  2. Mapping of sensitive data with risk quantification in US dollars

  3. Remediation of sensitive data via one-click encryption

  4. Round-the-clock, automated data flow monitoring.


Manage Your Sensitive Data the Easy Way 


Businesses that rely on traditional DLP projects for data security usually have to depend on an MSP to monitor their flow of sensitive data and report back with a list of vulnerabilities. This creates additional expenses and puts the security of your company - and its future viability -  in the hands of a third party. 


Actifile software makes monitoring your data flow easy. The average IT manager can master Actifile data flow monitoring tools in just a few minutes and can take full responsibility for securing and managing the company's sensitive data in real time. Effective data security no longer requires expensive external contractors or niche skill sets. It can be done in-house by ordinary staff and at a substantially reduced cost!

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