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Actifile: PII Scanning Software
that Never Sleeps

Actifile software is an autonomous data guard that works like a silent watchdog. It constantly patrols your IT ecosystem, protecting against both internal and external threats. Sensitive data detection and automated data mapping operate 24/7, allowing you to instantly remediate vulnerabilities with one-click encryption.


Actifile Finds Lost or Hidden Data


Your organization may be vulnerable to hostile external actors and internal threats right now due to dispersed data at overlooked endpoints or on the cloud. If you don’t find your data, hackers or rogue employees eventually will. 


  • Actifile PII scanning software can scan all your systems and endpoints (including cloud) in a matter of hours from deployment. It then operates continually, monitoring sensitive data flow inside the organization, as well as the incoming and outgoing flow of sensitive data to and from the organization. The initial scan and ongoing monitoring preemptively defend against cyber attack. 


  • Actifile automated data mapping locates sensitive data across all of your systems. You can see at a glance where all active and dormant data is located, exactly who has access to it, and the potential financial penalties for any leakage. 


  • Actifile cyber security automation is cost effective, user friendly, and extremely reliable. It makes life easier for IT managers and eliminates the need for a complex, expensive and ineffective DLP solution.



How MSPs Benefit from Actifile’s Data Loss Protection Software

Effective data loss protection software is a prerequisite for MSPs. Your clients depend on you to provide a foolproof data security platform and safeguard their sensitive data. Your future viability as an MSP depends on your current ability to protect your clients. Actifile cyber security automation provides that protection. 


Actifile MSP partners can demonstrate Actifile PII scanning software to potential or existing clients simply by scanning their systems. Most IT managers and CEOs are amazed at the results of a comprehensive data detection scan. The message is reinforced when they see the potential financial liabilities for any data leakage. 

Actifile’s automated data mapping functionality and cyber security automation deliver a next-generation data security platform. 


How MSPs Benefit from Actifile Data Detection Software 

Actifile is more than just a market-disrupting data security platform that locates, protects, and encrypts sensitive data. It can transform how you operate as an MSP, freeing up resources and allowing you to focus on growth.


  • Actifile cuts costs, meaning that MSPs can earn higher revenues per client.


  • Actifile is ultra-low maintenance and provides 24/7 protection. You can sleep at night knowing that your clients are protected by a reliable autonomous data guard. 


  • Actifile data loss protection software can be a launchpad for MSPs that want to make the transition to MSSP status.


Try the world’s most up to date autonomous data guard for all sensitive data, including CUI, FOUO, and FCI data. 

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