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Getting Started is Easy

Follow the steps below to see Actifile work for you and your clients.

Step 1: Create a partner portal account

1. Fill in the form here:   Signup Form

2. Accept the validation email;

3. Log in to the portal:   Portal Login

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Step 2: Create and access
a tenant account

Setting up a tenant:


1. Log in to the portal at:

2. Navigate to the customer's tab

3. Click Add Customer

4. Fill in the new customer details marked with a red asterisk (*)     Note: Make sure to use a different email address for each account

5. You can select additional Compliance Profiles if needed (e.g. IT Governance).

6. Your new tenant account is now ready

Accessing a customer tenant:

1. Navigate to the customers’ tab

2. Click on the customer name you wish to access

Actifile create customer.jpg.jpg

Step 3: Deploying Actifile Agents

1. Access the respective tenant’s account and click the Deployment tab

2. Download the Agent. Upload it to the RMM or to a location that it can be installed from
(See #1 on right)

3. Deploy using the RMM tool. Be sure to use the correct key for each tenant. An example RMM
MSIEXEC command is shown. (See#2 and #3 on right)

Note: If an RMM isn’t available, see alternative
deployment approaches/tools at:
https ://support.actifile .com/docs/actifile
installation considerations and important


Your Data
Now Protected

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